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Chiang Mai Sky lantern Countdown Festival


Chiang Mai New Year Countdown 2019 Sky Lanterns Festival by CAD Welcome New Year 2019 under the concept “The light of love floating lanterns in the sky worshiping sacred auspicious fortune Good luck to life” This will impress the tourists to participate in creating a great experience simultaneously on the night of December 31, 2018, in the area of MAE RIM Chiang Mai.


In new year’s Day, Lanna people will raise the lantern up in the sky, and set the fireworks to the celebration, so the sky at night lit with full of illumination. It’s a tradition to worship the holy things in heaven. It’s also believed floating the sky lantern will bring the bad things into the sky with the lanterns. and prayed for prosperity of living, works and the wealth to progress higher

Sky Lantern Chiangmai

Arts and Performances in Sky lanterns festival.

The sky lanterns raising activities for blessings by the ancient way was organized by CAD, The famous artists in Chiang Mai who not always meet the people will appear in this festival to show them traditional artworks. It was inherited for over 100 years.



The mood of the event is the ancient Lanna temple fair style. You can enjoy with the traditional playing, the variety of performance, Artworks by the famous artist including to the traditional product from around Chiang Mai.

ถั่วคุด มันเผา

This is Lanna musical instruments shop. The tourists who went to the market night. “Walking Street Wua Lai” should know. There are a variety of products to watch and buy. If you like the sound of these northern instruments, You can buy a CD back home to listen to it.



Do not forget to take a picture with the actors. At the fair, you will see the actor and actresses who dress in Lanna style. including Thai ancient traditional dresses. But the most popular is Thai warrior with longswords. Don’t miss to take photos with them.



Foods and drinks

After shopping and watch the artworks around the event. Let’s enjoy dinner with Lanna style buffet at “Lan Kan Tok”, almost the illuminate of light in the new year night.


After dinner. Go to shopping buy some foods and drinks, Before attend the new year sky lanterns ceremony.

ขนมครกแบบไทยๆ  แวะดื่มน้ำเย็นๆ

You wall enjoy with a vareity of permance, Such as the candle dance, the lantern dance from Chiangmai girls and swords show.

การแสดงเจิงดาบ การแสดงรำเทียน

ต้นไม้ขอพร จุดดวงประทีป

At 5 pm. Go to the front courtyard of the Pagoda. There will be prayers, sermons and religious rituals typical of the Chiang Mai people. It takes about 20 minutes, Followed by meditation 1 minute which is not a very long time.

เจดีย์กลาง งานลอยโคม

งานเชียงใหม่เคาท์ดาวน์ การแสดงสไตล์ล้านนา

Finally, floated the sky lanterns into the sky on New Year Eve’s night.

sky lantern

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