Chiangmai Design Week 2018


Chiangmai Design Week is a yearly celebration and occasion for designers, craftspeople, creative entrepreneurs, and businesspeople to showcase their new projects and innovations in design cater to the needs of our modern living. We invite you to join this celebration of design and creativity. then let’s see what the celebration have.

Chiangmai Design Week HAPPENING! December 8-16, 2018

This celebration full of Chiangmai art. So you can enjoy it.

The magical jewelry
SAK-SIT Talisman. The magical jewelry inspired by Thai Ideology. Collaborative project with @delann_jewellery


Happy and enjoy because of these northern handicrafts.

Northern Lights Denim from @dyedeestudio
Northern Lights Denim from @dyedeestudio


Then, look at those vases.



You also enjoy the workshops.

Chiang Mai Design Week
Photo: @chiangmaidesignweek


Then, walk around.

Photo: @chiangmaidesignweek

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