Ratchaburi tour, 6 activities to do in Ratchaburi.


3Ratchaburi is a Thailand scenery town where tourists come to visit crowdedly. Most of the destination in Ratchaburi is cultural tourism among fresh nature, including to the town of arts that Ratchaburi people proud to present.

In this article, These are the best activities to do in Ratchaburi so you can create a shot trip Ratchaburi tour yourselves. Let’s go with tixget.com now!

Shopping at damnoen saduak floating market.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

First of all is damnoen saduak floating market. It’s is the most popular floating market in Thailand. The most of tourists who come to Ratchaburi want to visit here.

The signature of the damnoen saduak floating market is a culture of the merchants. Every morning they will paddle full them boats with foods, desserts, fruits and more to sell in the canal. the traveler can rent a boat to buy these products from the boat. It’s a great new experience.

One of the activities to do at damnoen saduak floating market, You can rent longtail boats to float along the canal and see the way of life of damnoen saduak peoples. A cold weather among natural scene will touch you so you’ll don’t want to leave.

Feed the sheep at the scenery vintage farm, Suan Phung.

the scenery ratchaburi
the scenery ratchaburi

If you have a chance to visit Suan Phung, Ratchaburi. Don’t miss to visit the lovely scene of the sheep at The Scenery Suan Phung Ratchaburi. You can take the picture with lovely sheep.

The scenery vintage farm once was a normal resort. It has been transformed into a lovely day trip with the sheep. There is a lovely farm in the European style. So you will love it.

There is also a lovely restaurant named Honey Scene. you can order food, beverages, desserts, and many other dishes to enjoy.

Take photos at Suanphueng 4D Art Gallery.

Suanphueng 4D Art Gallery
Suanphueng 4D Art Gallery

Sometimes the regular pictures are too boring. Suanphueng 4D Art Gallery is the first  4ds art gallery in Thailand. Located at Veneto, Suanpung, Ratchaburi.

Inside the art gallery is acculturation of 3 culture. The romantic scene of Veneto that emphasizes the beauty of the Western architecture, Italian art style and the odor of  Greece culture. This is the perfect combination.

Do not wait because your friends will faster. Prepare your camera and let’s take perfect pictures at Suanphueng 4D Art Gallery.

Relax at Boe Kleung hot spring Ratchaburi.

Boe Kleung hot spring
Boe Kleung hot spring

Those who like to soak onsen hot water like Japanese, But no time to Japan. I would like to say that Suan Phung, Ratchaburi has a hot spring to soak as well.

Do not just boil eggs in a hot sprinkle. But hot water here can also help relieve pain in the body. In each day there is a tourist flowing into the hot springs fondly.

Do not concerned about the cleanliness of the water within the hot springs. It is clean water  The villagers drink and use water from hot spring every day.

All day long until the pain. Let’s take a dip in the hot springs pool. You can relax because of the warmth of it. Then you will don’t want to leave.

touch the smell of aromatics at Baan Hom Tian.

baan hom tian
baan hom tian

Let’s take a breath of aromatic aroma. Baan Hom Tian Suan Phung Ratchaburi is full of artwork to make scented of the candle with different colors and fragrances. Placed lined up around the room. Smells fragrant throughout the area. So you will feel relaxed. You can make your own scented candles. Also, take it your home.

In addition, the decoration is full of antiques and rare collections. Bring Baan Hom Tian into a great photographed place. The tourists who love to take photos do not miss.

Watch the bats at Kao Chongpran bats cave.

kao chongpran
kao chongpran

After all day. Lets watching the grandeur of the “Million Bats” in the slogan of Ratchaburi. At wat Kao Chongpran together.

The sun is on the horizon. If you look at the gorge. You can see the millions of bats. Flying out of the cave. They look like a giant black dragon because of the length. When they fly through orange of the evening sky. You will can’t take your eye of it.

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