13 Destination to visit after your floating market trip.

Floating Market is one of the most popular destinations for the traveler who looking for dream trips in Thailand. There are many recommended floating market that not far from Bangkok such as Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Amphawa floating market, Taling Chan floating market Bangkok Noi floating market and so on. But there’re many of traveler has no idea where should they go after that. In this article, Tixget.com has gathered the most interesting attraction and activities for you. Let’s see below.

Railway Market(d)

Photo by Mukiibi John Elijah on Unsplash

This market is not the same as other markets, there is the train run through the middle of the market. The vendors will know the time when the train run through the middle of the market. They would have to preserve the products or goods, folding the umbrellas and store awnings to avoid the train. After the train passed, it’s like magic because the vendors immediately put the awnings back into their original places as if nothing extraordinary had ever happened. That is why the market is locally known as the Talad Rom Hub which translates into The Folding Umbrella Market.

Fireflies Watching

At night after revel in floating market all of day. Another attractive activities is fireflies watching. Let’s watch the excited image of the thousands of fireflies from the boat along the canal. This trip suitable for couple of lover or those who looking for the most romantic trip.

Ayutthaya Tour

Photo by Zoe Chen on Unsplash

Ayutthaya is the old capital city of Thailand. It located not far from the floating market. The most recommended destination is the temple and the ancient. You can see the interesting sightseeing of Ayutthaya no matter day and night. Other than that you can also enjoy lunch and the enchanting sights along the river with river cruise program tour.

Crocodile & Elephant Show

Samphran Elephant Ground and Crocodile Farm has been established since 1885. This place is the breeding farm of many types of crocodile, especially those endangered typed. It is also served as elephant village where many stray elephants are adopted, fed and trained for show.

Every type of crocodiles is in the 6-meter deep ponds for the crocodile of different ages and types. There are freshwater and saltwater crocodiles of ages 8-20. The oldest crocodile is 70 years old. You can also find ponds for disabled crocodiles and false gharials. Here you can learn more about the life cycle of the crocodile. Every pond is made of cement to prevent the crocodile from digging the bottom to flee. The crocodile catcher show is held at a shallow pond. You can also enjoy the magic show and elephant show.

Elephant Trekking & Bathing

Visit Elephant Village for Elephant riding and bathing after floating market is also great. Elephant is the signature of Thailand and almost everyone say they are so cute! You will have a chance to close with these big cutie friends ,learn about they life and how mahout trend them. After this trip, you’ll more love Thai elephant.

Bamboo Rafting

Kanchanaburi is not so far from any floating market. After shopping you can enjoy with the extreme and relax activity like Bamboo Rafting. The attractive nature along the river will touch you to in love with it. We’re sure that this trip will become a dream trip that you will come back later.   

Prasat Muang Singh

One of best known Khmer-style religious structures in Thailand. Historians estimated that Prasat Muang Singh (Castle of the City of Lion), and its surrounding architectures on the bank of Kwai Noi River, was built between 857 and 1157 as a religious temple of Khmer Kingdom. Prasat Muang Singh was later abandoned until the reign of King Rama I when the area of Muang Singh had become one of border cities of Kanchanaburi. The restoration of structures has not completed until 1987, though.

The main remaining structure is Prasat Muang Singh itself, a Khmer-style architecture with influences from Lopburi arts. It is framed by 800 x 1,500 meters city walls. During the excavations, historians found precious artifacts, antiques, pottery and religious ornaments with more than 2,000 years of history.

Erawan Waterfall

Enjoy swimming and relaxing at its marvelous ponds, created by the falling water. Erawan Waterfall flowing with emerald water is the major attraction of the national park. It is 7 tiered and spans over 1.5 km, each tier has also number of smaller falls into ponds full of fishes. A series of trails and footbridged will lead visitors all way up to 6th tier, last tear is accessible by scrambling up to few cliffs for those who like a bit more challenge. Most tears are running into ponds, great for swimming. There are few picnic spots around the lower tiers, food is strictly forbidden beyond the second tier.

River Kwai Bridge

The bridge over the Mae Klong (or Kwai Yai, or whatever) really was part of the death railway, built with prisoner and slave labor by the Japanese during World War II. There were actually two bridges built over the river here. A wooden bridge like you see built in the movie (which was actually shot in Sri Lanka) was built first about 100 meters up-river from the current bridge to expedite construction on the line beyond the river. The concrete and steel “main” bridge was added during the war when the steel became available.

Both bridges were bombed by allied planes near the end of the war. The squarish center spans of the bridge are post-war replacements. The wooden bridge was demolished after the war since its thick structure blocked the flow of the river.

Bangkok Tour

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

Bangkok is not only the capital of Thailand where has a long interesting history, But also the most attractive destination in Thailand that mustn’t be missed. There is a variety of mood in Bangkok. For the traveler who likes into the history, Temple and historics site is a great place to visit. If you like to eat local food, There are many old towns with a local restaurant that you must try once in your life.

Tiger Feeding at Safari Park

Safari park is a nature theme park and is the most important animal breeding center in Kanchanaburi. You can see a wide variety of animals, for example, camels, tigers, lions, bears, elephants, deers, zebras, llamas, ostriches, flamingos, giraffes, etc.

At the zoo, you will get really close to a wide variety of animals and most notably with the giraffes, you can clasp affectionately around the neck. You can also feed the animals directly from the bus. The up-close-and-personal encounters with the giraffes, as well as with the equally friendly zebras, make for great photos.

Also, you can walk to see the animal show, highlighting the intelligence of elephants and crocodiles.

Rose Garden

Right next to Nakhon Chaisi River, the Rose Garden occupies an area of 137.5 rais or about 55 acres and it is utterly blossomed by the multitude of beautiful floral. Visitors are stirred by gracious Thai-style houses and a daily, afternoon Thai cultural show. Besides, some parts of the area are hotel, lodges, and golf course.

Visit the rose garden after shopping at the floating market is the pretty good idea for those who love the romantic atmosphere and natural attraction. You can also touch the local experience at Thai cultural village, Where you can learn about Thai villager lifestyle.

Artist House

Baan Sillapin, by Klong Bang Luang area, where it is called hidden gems of Bangkok to see traditional handcrafted puppet shows, with three puppeteers pulling the strings to control lifelike marionette puppets, enacting Thai folktales and scenes from the Ramayana

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